Results and Prizes at the event of 17th July 2018

Gwilym Price

Thanks to all who played today - send me your games, and your comments. If you win a prize send me your bank details and a nice photo of you playing chess for the web page and my Twitch stream.

Take a look at my Twitch stream at for a "virtual prizegiving" and some games from this tournament and other events that I am involved with! If you don't catch the live stream I will save it and you can watch it later on Twitch or (if I can work out how to do this) on my YouTube channel.

Our next FIDE rated rapid event here is WEDNESDAY 15TH AUGUST!

Then we are back to TUESDAYS - 18 September, 16 October and 13 November.

Open - Tom Villiers won with 5/6 and earned his £60.00, followed by Gwilym Price and Conor Murphy on 4.5/6 both winning £30.00.

Major - Peter Hansell, Lee Bullock, Rory McLean and Lukas Orgler scored 4.5/6 and won £25.00 each.

Amateur - Ashir Valjee scored 6/6 and won £60.00, with Jamie Sparrow winning £30.00 for 5/6.

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